[Full Trans] ANAN interview – Donghae


Donghae, who is floating with the fascinating atmosphere for their latest single ‘Opera’.
“‘Opera’ is a cool song, either for the chorus or the performance. For me, I only took 15 minutes for recording when it usually takes around 30 minutes for a song. Isn’t that great ? Oh, one funny thing happened during the making of Opera PV. Leeteuk’s pants actually ripped off at that time. But since his pants and briefs were both black in color, it didn’t stand out ! Ahh what a pity !”

At one glance, you looks really cool, but according to Leeteuk, ‘That guy is so lonely’.
“The thing that makes me thankful for being in Super Junior is that, there’s always someone beside me to play with. I’m the type who can’t sleep alone at night. Whenever I feel like I couldn’t fall asleep, I will go to the member’s room and pester them to play with me. I’m really good at making people couldn’t sleep at night (laughs).”

Occasionally, you feel the urge to meet the members. And sometimes send SMS too.
“Thats my problem (laughs). So I need a girlfriend soon. My ideal type is a girl with long hair, fair-skinned, and big eyes… Someone shorter than me ! And of course someone who only loves me. But its only my dream. The reality is the important intuition. Wouldn’t she be happy to be my girlfriend ? Because I love suprises and events in a relationship.”


Your romantic ideal way to propose ?
“We only do it once in a lifetime, so its gonna be boring if we do it in ordinary way. I found a beautiful propose in Youtube lately. With the song ‘Can’t Take My Eyes of You’ as the background music, the guy confessed to his lover and said ‘Lets get married’ inside the school campus, and I thought, ‘This is it !’. I also decided to propose publicly in front of people. Ahh its hard to reject ? Of course, thats the strategy (laughs).”

Tell us your childhood dream !
“I’ve longed to be a sports player, so I played handball for one year, but I felt frustated with my limited ability. And for soccer player, I hate running non-stop for 45 minutes, so I gave up (laughs). As I thought, doing exercise as an interest would be the best !”

Things you feel regretful towards the members ?
“I have a hand power that can break things with only touching. I’ve broke the electronic devices I borrowed from the members few times too… I know I’m bad, but I really don’t know what should I do. Everyone, I’m so…sorry !”

Awwwwwwww Hae ><

Translated by : @syazureq


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