SUPER JUNIOR on Anan Magazine (english translate) part 1

[Full Trans] ANAN interview – Shindong “I want to do a talk show with my own name !”

Shindong, the talking prodigy who always laughs while answering for the interview no matter what question.
“If I wasn’t a Super Junior member, I would probably be a businessman, especially in direct-selling. I’ll go to each house and say, ‘Pin~pon, Hello miss would you like to try on this product ?’. Don’t you think I will sell well ? (laughs).”

The cool ‘Super Show’ must also have some funny episodes right ?
“When we went to Singapore in February, I performed a dance in a girl’s clothes. It was a performance where I showed my silhouette while changing my clothes live on stage behind the pole, but it only had the front. Since the venue had audiences sitting on both sides of the stage, my act of changing clothes was completely visible to them. And to tell the truth, the response was really good than the usual (laughs).”

Shindong who is also the DJ for radio program ‘Shinshimtapa’ is somehow interested in working behind the scenes.
“When I go overseas and couldn’t do the live broadcast for radio, I record the program and send it back to Korea. I wrote the script, do the talk, mixing and compiled them all together. I do it all by myself, and it was quite fun. And for performance, me and Eunhyuk are actually involved in the production for our Super Show. We discuss with the producer on how to make the lighting shines better, or things we had imagined and the director will reform them. It feels really nice. I also want to try and do the stage production for our hoobae someday.”

Aiming for the best TV show
“I’m now able to do blueprint. The title for my TV show will be ‘Shindong Show’. I will call a guest, and we gonna sit and talk first, and the guest will perform his/her special skills to the audiences, that kind of show. It’s my dream to do it with a large-scale in a large venue.”

Things that caught your attention lately ?
“I am naturally born as a machine maniac. I am really interested in the computer construction and programming lately. To be the next Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, I am now reading everything about their biography. Steve Shindong, coming soon !?”

If you had a week for break, what would you do ?
“Can I receive the money as well ? (laughs). I want to go to all amusement parks around the world, and dominate all the famous roller coasters. I’ve been to Universal Studio Japan in Osaka. WaterWorld was the best ! I want to challenge Fuji-kyu next time.”

[Full Trans] ANAN interview – Yesung “Personally, I’m good at rapping”

Yesung, who fascinates everyone with the deep, husky voice of his.

The voice which is the origin for his stage name ‘The Voice of Art’.
“When I was in my 1st year of elementary school, my friends and I created a 3-members Hip-Hop group, and we got to performed at a school’s event. My dream to be a singer was still vague at that time, but when I was in the 2nd year of high school, my mum said, ‘You sing better than any other singer’ and I was dragged involuntarily to my current company for audition. My parents were stupid is it ? But because of that, I can now sing in front of everyone and I’m really thankful to my parents for this.”

The moment you feel thankful as Super Junior ?
“The moment when I was called Yesung. I have my own real name, but when people call me Yesung, I am a ‘singer’. I can only continue to sing because I am Super Junior. It is the place where all my dreams come true and I want to continue singing, and meet everyone from all over the world as one of Super Junior member.”

You have such a great impression for ballad, but according to Eunhyuk, ‘Yesung also raps well’, is it true ?
“I think everyone didn’t know about this, but suprisingly I can also rap, even if its a little personal. If the era/period change, I would already be a successful rapper ! And for dance, people always says that I’m a great dancer. But because other members are too skillful, I’m being hidden by their shadows.”

You’re said to be less interested in girls lately.
“I have only few girlfriends’ numbers in my phone contact. That makes the members worried about me. But how do I make friends with girls ? I really don’t know because no one ever taught me.”

Who would you date among your members if they were girls ?
“Ahhh, I already know too much of their true characters. Even if I need to choose one, I’ll stick to being single and free ! (laughs)”

Reveal the member’s secret !
“The most childish member, is actually the oldest one, Leeteuk ! There was once before when he got a small scratch, but he wore plasters for about a week. Such a spoiled child (laughs).”

Your role in Super Junior ?
“Movie commentator. Regardless of the era, nationality or genre, I will watch movie as long as I have free time. And because of that, members always asked me, ‘What’s the recommendation movie if I had this kind of feeling ?’. And currently, the movie ‘Last Holiday’ is my favourite.”

[Full trans] ANAN interview – Leeteuk “I wanna try to be a newscaster”

Leeteuk, who always shows his cohesive ability as a leader.

Is this charisma is for an ordinary president ?!
“I always wanted to be a member of Parliament when I was young. Simply because of one reason, the annual salary is high (laughs). I also dreamt of being a programmer or a professional baseball player, but since I was a TV lover, I started to consider working in the entertainment world. My role in SJ is the ‘center’. Not only for being in the middle, but also to remain neutral. For example, when the members are divided into 2 different opinions, I will listen to both sides and try to find the best solution, that kind of role.”

Doing activities as an MC for TV programs with his direction ability.
“Its hard to believe, but I was really a silent person before my debut. As I started as performer, I only thought of being a singer, but suprisingly I can do MC after I tried once (laughs)… I’m sorry, but I really have interest in newscasting now. In Japan, most artists appear on the news program as newscaster. When I heard of this, my desire also got turns up.”

You’re turning 29 years old soon. Isn’t it time to think about marriage already ?
“Ah, yes… Honestly, I’m still troubled either to get married or to stay single. But of course I’m gonna feel lonely if I were 50 years old but still single. Maybe after 8~9 years… If i want to get married, a woman with a pure heart and full of knowledge will be good. I once thought that my type would be a typical beautiful lady, but when I think more and more about it, I realised that I’m more attracted to the individual looks of a person.”

If you were to analyse your love style ?
“As I always said, romantic. The type who will always drag along the past. People always said, ‘A man live by eating on his own memories’. Yes its me. I wrote a song ‘All My Heart’ for our 4th album, and it was exactly because of these reasons (laughs).”

Song that live up your spirit ?
“Our 3rd Japanese single Opera, and Way. The lyrics in Way is about hope and aspiration, it’s so beautiful and it gives me hope. I really love it, so please try and listen to it !”

Things that you must bring when you go overseas for work ?
“My Japanese notebook. I’m in the middle of learning *Hiragana now. I’m always so happy when Japanese fans talk to me in Korean. Wouldn’t they be happy too if I talk in Japanese ? I will learn and remember faster, so please wait for me !”

*Hiragana – There are 3 types in Japanese writing which are Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji (chinese character). Hiragana is the most basic one.

[Full Trans] ANAN interview – Eunhyuk “The type that I wanna give a ride… I don’t know, maybe the innocent one ?”

Eunhyuk, who is always work at the center, with such a delicate and advanced dance techniques that flows from the splendour figure of his on the highlight stage. He woke up to his dream since his 3rd year of elementary school.
“During school, whenever I entered a school’s event and danced on stage, my friends always praised me and said, ‘So cool !’ I can never forget the feeling I got when I heard all the praises, and I’ve determined myself to be a dancer.”

The recently released Japanese single, ‘Oppa Oppa’ which is the collaboration with Donghae, shows a 80’s disco dance which brings us to the maximum excitement.
‘I’ve known Donghae long before we debuted, so our teamwork is perfect. As a Super Junior, we always show our cool side, and for this sub-unit we thought of showing the fans our fun appearance. I’m extremely happy be able to came out with CD in Japan. When both of us have activities together, I discovered alot of new things. I didn’t realised this when all members dance together, but when there’s only 2 of us, I noticed that Donghae tends to change and improvise the choreography with his own style. It’s so annoying and I thought to myself, ‘I wanna dance with my own style too !’, but of course, the expert like me will need to match the dance (laughs).”

Beside dancing, Eunhyuk claimed himself as an expert in driving.
“Seriously, I’m really good in driving. I feel like I have the sense of smell in choosing road (laughs). And I still drive myself to my work place until now.”

The exciting point a girl would think of a guy who takes good care of her at the passenger’s seat, turns back to make a reverse and shows only his side face ?
“Oh really ? Recently most navigation system for cars have a back camera attached to it, so there’s no need to look back while reversing. And I never had the chance to do it…. (tears). But if girls think its romantic, I will need to try this at least once !”

Then, the type of girl that you’ll give a ride ?
“Someone who likes me, all of them (♪). Okay its a lie. Honestly, I don’t know what type…. Maybe a girl who sends me a handwritten letter ?… In short, the innocent one.”

Secrets that you never tell the members ?
“Last year, I thought of writing each members my thankful letter, and I even bought the writing papers and stationary. But once I sat on my table, everything seems to be so difficult and in the end, I just gave up. But why did I even think of doing that ? Strange.”

The moment you think of yourself as a junior(kid) ?
“The time I felt so emotional when Yesung gave me a Disney anime DVD, and when I have unbalanced diet. I can’t really each seafood, and I don’t like vegetables. In contrast, I love sweets and candy, or things that usually loved by kids (laughs).”

Cute cute cuuuuuuute XD

[Full Trans] ANAN interview – Sungmin “When I see her clumsy figure, I suddenly feel like hugging her”

Sungmin, who heals all the girls around the world with a cute puppy-like face and an undefeated charms of his, is also a very warm guy inside.
“In the gym, I always choose the songs with overflowing fighting spirit and aggressive as my background music to cheer up myself. It’s because bodybuilding is my way to fight against myself.”

Looks like your childhood dream was to be a translator around the world.
“Rather than saying it’s my dream, it was actually my parent’s wish. But isn’t all people have their own pleasant way to live ? I realised that I actually don’t have any interest in study when I entered high school (laughs). I love dancing and singing, so I decided on my own that I want to be a singer.”

Tell us your experiences as an actor before combining in a group.
“The charm of being an actor is, you get to know every kind of people and characters. I want to continue my activity as actor, and I also want to try working in Japan’s production. I really love a Japanese movie called ‘Udon’ and I was deeply moved by the simple theme used in that movie.”

Your role as a person in charge of saving in Super Junior.
“I’m especially strict about conservation of energy. I hate it when the lights, heaters or televisions were left on without being used, so whenever I realised it I will automatically switch them off ! And because of that, the electricity bills in my dorm is only half compared to the other dorm. I’m a guy with full of ecenomics sense (laughs).”

Then you are really reliable if you get married !
“I actually have a strong desire to get married. I can’t wait to look at my ‘Chibi Sungmin’ who’ll look just like me. Absolutely cute isn’t it ? I will drown him/her with all my love. And I will be a dad with full of family support and services.”

The condition that you want in your wife ?
“The one who cooks well and have a similiar taste with me. It’s okay if she’s not perfect with house chores. If I see her clumsy figure eventhough she had tried her best, I will suddenly feel like hugging her. I’m the type of guy who will always protect my woman.”

Super Junior song that you love the most ?
“‘Believe’. Its a song from Exile that we did a cover, but the melody is so good, and the lyrics wrote by Heechul is really beautiful. The most important thing is, I sang the last part of the song ! That’s the bigget reason why I chose this song (laughs).”

Reveal the member’s secret !
“Ryeowook actually have a very cool thought about love, and because of that we gave him a name ‘Kim Binha’. If we write it in Kanji, it will be ‘金氷河’, which means a guy who is like a *glacier.”

*Glacier – I think the glacier here means a cold and cool personality. Maybe ><

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Translated to English by syazureq 


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