How to learn korean Hangul basic for newbie ^^

annyeong haseyo chingu,

just one to share some aplication in android market/play store about learn Hangul.

This application suitable for newbie who want to know about alphabet vowel in korean.

the aplication is free (Hangul master Basic only)

link for hangul


★People who learn Korean from the alphabet
★People who can listen a little when watching Korean dramas, but have difficulty in reading
★People who really like K-POP, but have difficulty in reading the lyrics
★People who want to memorize the letters, without paying any money and time
★People who want to improve their vocabulary, but cannot afford to an electronic dictionary, and cannot carry the ordinary dictionary due to its weight

this application complete with sound, so we can know the sound of the hangul.


we can try Learn Korean Phrasebook lite.

this application show the conversation in general like greeting, in public area,number


* Greetings
* General conversation
* Numbers
* Directions and places
* Transportation
* Eating out

actually this application is free, but limited.

if  we want have full acces for the application we  can install Learn Korean Pro but must pay it $4,17

beside that I find korean Hangul in web

its interactive but in one way, we click the picture and we will find the hangul word and the sound of the word


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