after 2 month in 2013, currently in my life

time goes by but I think my life still stuck at the same place.

some thing happens for last 2 month but honestly no make a big changes in my life.

first, finally my sister will get married

after so many drama about  her in 2012, finally she decided to get married with her boyfriend. after get relationship with him about 4 month, her boyfriend proposed her. although my sister is younger than me but honestly i really dont have objection she will marry first. i believe every one will have their own fate. if my sister meet her “jodoh” first why she must wait for me just because i have not  married yet. my sister will married at 9 march 2013, and of course i will go to my home town to attend my sister’s wedding and thanks God i will have a duty in padang and solok from 5-8 march so i will be at home early.

second, an annoying man Mr..X

actually i wont to write it but i think his act make me paranoid.  if you read this paragraph maybe you say me a imperious person or arrogant or something like that.i dont know how to “kick out” a person, i think he so agressive although i block his number from my whatapp and my gtalk. did he not realize my answer “no”?  ithink my attitude if i talk to him say “I am not accept you and leave me alone”.  or maybe next time if i met him i must SAY  with my mouth “stop and leave me alone”.

my new boss

i dont know what’s wrong with that cubical. in 2 years i work there, there are 3 person who become the head of subdepartment. and 3 person have their own “carracteristic” why i use symbol ” ” just reffred to unique. and my last boss is sooooo unique (in order meaning of “weird”) he’s so talkless and he doing not his jobdesk. in my opinion, if a new people enter to a new job which is so different from their old job off course they must learn all their jobdesc although from zero/unknown. but he so busy and obssesed with his own bussiness and try to create a new program in our department. i think it’s not so urgent. why not he try to learn how to make SOP or learn about TND or IPK. it will be so meaningfull.

my progress in learn korean language

start january i take basic 2 in my korean language program. my seonsaengnim in basic 2 as same as basic 1. in basic 2, every week my seonsaengnim give me homeworks. and  my routinity in saturday morning is making my homeworks LOL i think i comeback to school again. but make homework is usefull and help me to learn korean more often, honestly i never repeted my lesson in weekday hahaha (blame my work and my laziness).

my yoheng plan

intenary not fixed,finally i wont go to jeju so i must re-arrangged my itenary. going to jeju will make so many cost. in my 8 days in korea and if i wanna go to jeju i will only have 5 days in seoul. and i think my fangirling will be 2 days if i remember so many place we must visit like sm town building, everysing, kona beans, mouse rabbit, twosome siwon cafe, TLJ, k-story, hello kitty cafe and other place in apgeujong, gangnam, etc. beside that i will go to everland, nami som, palace, museums, hangang river, n seoul tower, hanok village etc.

currently i hear

yeayyy finally uri boy shinee is comeback. i love their comeback showcase which airing in naver. i love their MV although it’s box MV like another SM mv’s but i love their concept. and offcourse I buy their album. yeayy cant wait the album arrive. my favourite song is dream girl, beautifull, aside and spoiler. but i love another song too, my rate to this album is 8/10.

currently i watch

currently the korean drama i watch is that winter wind blows and flower boy next door. why i watch it. beacause i love the actor and actress beside that i enjoy the story line.

my wish for the next

i hope my life will  more quite, he will get out from my life and my mom dont push me to get married this year.

maybe people says i am too picky to choose a man but i wont to get married just because my aged or my mom or other people but my heart cant get along with him , dont love him, and not “ikhlas” to accept that man.

about master degree

i know my effort to get scholarship will take a much time. my toefl <550, my english is still bad,  and i still cant 100%  make effort to search the opportunities. i will go step by step to reach it. and hopefully someday my english get better and i will get scholarship in holand.




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