30 Days Challenge Blog

assalamualaikum wr

posting pertama setelah lebaran, sebelumnya mau ngucapin Selamat Idul Fitri mohon maaf lahir batin ^^ semoga kita semua kembali kepada fitrah dan dipertemukan kembali dengan ramadhan selanjutnya (aminnn)

tiba tiba kepikiran 30 days challenge ngeblog setelah blogwalking dan tentu saja salah satu tujuannya biar blog saya keisi lagi dan saya kontiniu nulis 30 hari


list 30 days challenge

Days 01 – 15 interesting facts about yourself

Day 02 –  write the social media you have

Day 03 –  Favourite Animal

Day 04 –  Favourite Food

Day 05 – Favourite places

Day 06 – your least favourite song

Day 07 – Put your ipod on shuffle and write 10 song that pop up

Day 08 – Your favourite book

Day 09 – A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

Day 10- A Picture of you and your friends

Day 11- A Letter to your parents.

Day 12 – write your 10 bucket list

Day 13 – What I would find in your bag

Day 14- Where you’d like to be in 10 years.

Day 15 – Do you have any siblings? Talk about them.

Day 16 – Your guilty pleasure

Day 17 – Your favourite movie or drama

Day 18 – Your current relationship. If single, discuss being single.

Day 19 – Somewhere youd like to move or visit

Day 20 – Five places you want to visit’

Day 21 –  Timeline of your day

Day 22-  what kind of person that attract you

Day 23 – What’s in your makeup bag?

Day 24 – 5 ways to win my heart

Day 25 –  fear

Day 26 – something that you miss

Day 27 – the biggest answer prayer so far

Day 28 – religion

Day 29 – most unforgettable moment high school experience

Day 30 – what’s your pursue recently


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